Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Theorycrafting 101

Theorycrafting is maximizing the right stats by taking advantage of the built-in formulas of WoW. As you might have heard, warriors are the most gear dependent class in the game. This is definitely true. Everyone knows the bread and butter stats of a DPS warrior are strength and crit. But what about expertise and hit, armor penetration and haste? How should you use these, and when does one become less valuable then the next?
Wonder no more. this spreadsheet will help you figure that out. Last night I ran my characters gear set through the Excel spreadsheet and it blew me away. It told me to equip 5 pieces of gear out of my bank that I thought were downgrades. This couldn't be right...

Man, I was wrong. I pulled 4300 dps overall in a heroic Nexus. almost 500-600 over my normal amount. This thing works.

Now by taking a look at the screenshot you can tell it is a bit complex. You don't need to know what all the numbers mean. The important ones are the overall DPS at the top, and the Rating caps window at the bottom left. Input your characters armory at the top, and it will fill in all your gear for you. Once that's done, click over to the lookup tab at the bottom. This puts every piece of gear you currently have into a list of other items for that slot. Better and worse. You will find some of your gear that you already own may give you more DPS!

Anyway enough of me talking about it. Here is the link to download the spreadsheet. The author updates it with every patch, so check back often to get the latest version. You will need Excel 2007 to run it. Excel 2003 will not work, nor will Open Office or Google Docs. You can download a 60 Day free trial at the Microsoft website.

Make sure you read the intro slide on the Excel document. It will help you set it up and teach you the basics of how to use it. And a big thank you to Landsoul for taking the time to code it up.

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