Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poppin' Potions

Every good raiding warrior brings their flasks to the raid like they are instructed.
But not many bring potions.
These lil' wonder drinks are cheap and bring more benefit to your DPS than you might think.

The first potion is the indestructible potion. 3500 armor is nice, and since All DPS warriors should be specced 3/3 into Armored to the Teeth, this potion will give you 97 AP for a full 2 minutes.

The second potion grants you 500 haste for 15 seconds. This buff seems like a proc of a trinket, but can be used any time you want. And is best used when you have all your other cooldowns popped.

The limitation of potions is we can only use 1 during any combat phase, which pretty much means 1 per boss fight. What we can do to get around this is pop one right before the boss pull.
So pop your Indestructible potion right before the boss is pulled, and then your second potion whenever you need it. This second potion can be either of these. Depending on if your encounter needs alot of dps during a specific point (Popping the shield of the Twin Val'kyr), or not.

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