Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blue Set: Arms Edition!

So a couple of posts back I built a gear set consisted entirely of blue gear pieces and blue level enchants. I wanted to see how much DPS I could pull in a heroic with this "noob" gear set.

Well I built the set, a very bad gear set. Ventured into a heroic Old Kingdom and put up only 1500 DPS. This was in fury spec. Now any warrior can tell you that Arms is better for the fresh 80 non-epic'ed warriors. Fury is just too gear dependent.

So tonight I switched over into Arms, and rocked that same exact gear set, minus one of those weapons of course.

Top DPS! The other guys were all fully epic'ed, so they are definitely doing something wrong.

2100 DPS! Not too bad considering the disaster area of a gear set I was rocking! Most heroics have packs of mobs, so Sweeping Strikes and Bladestorm together are a great combination. and they are almost always both up for every pull. I didn't feel rage starved at any point during the run. I even crit one boss for 7K damage!

So this run is pretty good evidence for the budding DPS warrior: If you just hit 80 or are leveling up, stay Arms spec. I'll get into when the right time is to consider Fury spec later.

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  1. Hey Zarrick! I'm very eager to read more post from you. I am just ding 80 as an Arms Warrior. I know at the higher end gear, I should swap to fury. But before that i'm gonna have to stick with Arms for a while, and I have to say i am loving it so far =). Will you be putting any more indepth Arms stuff to help with newly 80 warrior?