Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cleave to Achieve

Now must fury warrior blokes go 2/2 Improved Execute, and when you couple that with Glyph of Execution, it can hit very hard. Almost to the point of just spamming it non stop when the boss hits 20%. Its simple, its the best for single target bosses.

Single target bosses.

But with TOC 25 man, we were given 5 new encounters, all that involve multiple targets. So what do we do? Well, you adapt is what you do!
Take your 2 points out of Improved Execute, and pull another point out of somewhere else. If your raid always has a Ret Pally, drop the points in Commanding Presence, or perhaps 1 point out of Precision if you feel you already have enough hit to keep your rotation up. Take these 3 points and put them into Improved Cleave.Replace your Glyph of Execution with Glyph of Cleaving and you are done!

These 2 basic specs are the way to go. Yours might have small differences that work better with your play style.

When you have a situation where there is 3 or more targets, just spam Cleave and Whirlwind. If you happen to have enough rage to use Bloodthirst, do so. Even with 2 targets only, your cleave will hit almost as hard as a heroic strike. but since its hitting 2 targets, it's doing twice as much damage as before. With this spec, you will see your DPS soar in fights like Anub'arak. Heroics your DPS will shoot up at least 600. Heroics are the best place to show off this spec. They are designed with trash mobs in packs of 3 or 4. Perfect for a fury warrior.
So try it out, tell me what you think. Enjoy those numbers.

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