Friday, October 2, 2009

What Can Gear do for my DPS?

I was in a very annoying Ony25 run today. There were people in the 5k-6k DPS range, and people in the 2k DPS range, both with equivalent gear sets. I thought to myself, 'how someone could be possibly playing their class so badly with gear like that?'

So, I decided to build an entire blue gear set. No epics at all, no enchants requiring abyss crystals, or epic gems. Heroic gear, rep gear. that's it. I wanted to see how much of your dps is attributed to knowing your proper dps rotation. At least for a fury warrior anyway.

I ran a heroic Old Kingdom run today. here is the link to the gear set I used, and the overall DPS report.

Click here to view Zarrick Fury Gear Set

Soon I willl publish another post with my "noob" gear set, and the numbers I put up. Stay tuned.

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