Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blue Set!

So I collected my blue gear set. Most were crafted, and some were rep rewards. I sort of cheated in the fact that I didn't have blue trinkets. I ran about 6-7 heroics to collect them to no avail. So I used Grim Toll and Mirror of Truth. I kept the same fury spec as normal. We assembled the group to venture back into Heroic Old Kingdom. A paladin to provide blessing of kings, and I was keeping battle shout active.

Click here to view the gear set I used.

Our group skipped Jedoga Shadowseeker boss, so overall damage isn't comparable to previous run.

I put up a paltry 1500 DPS. Now keeping in mind my gear set was stupid. I had mail pants, half was resilience PvP gear. But even with those hindrances, I expected more from myself. I felt rage starved the entire run.

I am not convinced that the differences in gear means and extra 2300 DPS. That gear alone made my character more than twice as effective.
So this topic will be concluded later, when I retry this instance with the same gear set, but in Arms spec. Arms is a great spec for leveling and fresh 80 warriors. It is not as gear dependent as Fury, and performs almost as well. Stay tuned.

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