Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rend Timing

Keeping your rend up at all times as an arms warrior is vital. And in the heat of battle, looking up and finding that little icon in a shifting list of 25 others, then squinting to see how much is left... frankly is just annoying.

Well say no more, I found a great lightweight addon called ClassTimer that fixes this problem. It has great applications for fury warriors too! It moves those debuffs (and your buffs if specified) down to a scalable, movable bar. You can stay on top of them and never let those vital ones fall off.

My Arms setup. I only have it displaying Rend. And as big as possible!

I recommend arms warriors turning everything off except rend, to keep from cluttering up your window. Or keep sunder armor on as well if you don't have a warrior tank in your group.

As for fury warriors, you can add in your trinket procs, and when they pop up, hit your Death Wish! Combining your cooldowns together is what separates good fury warriors from great ones. To add in your trinket procs, find name of the buff it gives you when it procs, then add that name (CaSe SeNsItIvE!) to the extras tab under timers in the addon's options menu.

Example showing your buffs and target debuffs in one window. Icy rage was a trinket proc I added in.

So grab this addon over at And if you have any questions how to use it, feel free to post them here.

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