Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Art of Speccing

"How do I spec? Should I use this talent? Which spec does more dps?"
Shut up and I'll tell ya! This post is long over due. Before you can figure out which spec is best for you, you need to ask yourself one question; What content are you doing? There are talents that work better for certain instances, and at the same time pretty lousy for raid bosses. So without further adieu, the chart-o-specs!

Click the picture for its corresponding talent tree.

Arms for Heroics
Starting out as a fresh 80, you're going to be in pretty crappy gear. You're running heroics until your eyes bleed, gathering up those badges. This spec is designed to make those heroics go by as quickly as possible. This spec is centered around Bladestorm. Heroics are designed with groups of mobs. You will be charging in hit Sweeping Strikes, then Bladestorm. Clear them out quick and build up your badge count.

Fury for Heroics
Now I don't recommend going fury when starting out as a new warrior. Your attacks will miss and be dodged constantly. You will feel rage starved, and your DPS will suck. I built this spec to help with the rage issue. Going 2/2 into Improved Berserker Rage and putting your final point into Improved Bloodrage will help during those times where your rage bar is drained. As you build up your gear set, the rage will build as well, as well as the DPS.
This spec also beefs up Cleave. Talented and glyphed, this ability will hit an additional target, and makes this ability hit even harder than normal. You could essentially just Cleave and Whirlwind your way through heroics if you have the rage.

Arms for Raiding
Ok hotshot. You've got the gear, and you're ready to tear up Icecrown Citadel. This spec changes a few arms talents around, putting a focus on maximizing dps on a single boss target. All of the Icecrown bosses released so far are single target encounters. You will be on that boss almost the entire fight. So this build maximizes your Execute's power. The 25man Festergut encounter requires you to do a constant 7.5K DPS by yourself to beat the encounter before the enrage! Flasking, potting, and being geared and specced right is crucial to victory, along with many other encounters within ICC.

Fury for Raiding
This spec drops the battleshout improving talents, and puts those points into maximizing single target DPS. This spec beefs up your Execute, and reduces your cooldowns through the Intensify Rage talent. Most boss fights last between 5-7 minutes. Speccing into this talent will allow you to use Death Wish 3 times during the course of the encounter rather than 2. The first 3 tiers of the fury tree and be specced many different ways, and it depends entirely on your raid composition, and your rage generation. If you never run out of rage and heroic strike non stop, go ahead and take points out of Unbridled Wrath and put them into Booming Voice and Commanding Presence. That will provide your raid with a 5 minute buff with around 560 more HP than the regular version. And for you more adventurous few who run with a feral druid and trust he will never go down, you could drop your point in Rampage and shift it over to Heroic Fury for tons more maneuverability during the fight, or put it into Anger Management over in the Arms tree for even more rage generation.

Speccing these ways is a great start to your path as a warrior. But they are no means best for everyone. It depends on your gear, raid composition, and play style. There is no one spec for everyone. Any questions, feel free to drop a comment below.

Soon I will make a post about speccing your warrior while leveling, making this task as painless as possible.

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  1. Thanks for this, gonna take a second look at my hardly used Fury spec and maybe switch a few point :)