Friday, February 1, 2013

Transmog Spotlight: Sunscale Warrior

Sunscale Plate and accessories. Click the image to use the 3D Viewer and item info. The 3D viewer is accessed by clicking the little triangle in the top left corner of the box containing the set's icons.

Golden Warrior! It's true that there are many golden colored plate sets in the game, but none that pop quite like the Sunscale set. Conqueror's Plate is another. Sunscale unfortunately is incredibly hard to collect. I have been hunting it for 5 months and only have 3 pieces. The reason is because these pieces are world drops for mobs in the level 50-55 range. This means the odds of getting a sunscale piece are about 1:2500.

If you are hellbent on collecting these off mobs yourself, Winterspring or Un'goro Crater is a good start. I prefer Un'goro because the mobs are closer together.

My method is just to check the Auction house every time I log in. Like collecting other transmog sets, the fun is in the thrill of the hunt. And this hunt is one of the grandest. Good luck transmoggers, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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