Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Rarest Item Ever

Many years ago, during the age of vanilla WoW something stranged happened. A typical 40-Man raid group was mid way through their Molten Core raid, just finishing a fight against Baron Geddon. The boss was defeated and as the guild was going through the spoils of the victory, something peculiar appeared in the loot. A legendary neck piece; The Talisman of Binding Shard.

talisman of binding shard
While pretty standard as far as stats go, it did have some decent resists, plus a permanent lightning shield similar to the shaman ability., complete with floaty electric ball shield. The player that it was looted to was Noktyn of 'Nurfed' on the Archimonde server. This legendary item only dropped once, was the first legendary item to ever be looted to a player, and was removed from the loot tables by Blizzard staff, never to be seen again. Apparently during an adjustment to boss loot tables, this item was accidentally added to Baron Geddon's loot list.


However, the GM's allowed Noktyn to keep his truly unique item. This warrior has since been renamed Savorx and relocated to the Blackrock server, and sadly is stalled at level 72. Perhaps one day this warrior will once again bring glory to the Horde!

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