Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Transmog Spotlight: Wrath Tank

Wrath Warrior and accessories. Click here to use the 3D Viewer and item info. The 3D viewer is accessed by clicking the little triangle in the top left corner of the box containing the set's icons.

There seems to be a lot of purple colored warrior sets out there. This is my favorite of the bunch. The helm and shoulder combo work so well, with their giant blades. Even now, seven years later, this set stands out. I'm not a fan of adding tabards to my transmogs. They seem to obscure the armor set too much, which is the focal point of transmogging in the first place.

I paired this set with a nice gold laiden cape, the most excellent Blessed Qiraji Bulwark, which is 4th on my favorite shields, and The Unbreakable Will. I love this sword, because it follows the traditional stylings of a sword with no strange gimmicks, and of course it sheaths on your back, which behind the right shield, looks simply stunning. I'm not really feeling much of the warrior gear in this expansion so far. It's mostly all ugly, save a few pieces here and there. Let's hope the upcoming thunder king patch brings prettier gear.

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  1. You should really come back and start blogging again! I loved reading your blog posts since I recently started maining a Prot Warrior. Thoroughly enjoy your Transmog posts especially!