Monday, October 19, 2009

Less is More

Is your raid group having trouble getting a boss down before an enrage timer, or does the tank keep dying? Having trouble getting enough dps to engage XT's hard mode? Well DPS warriors have the tools to help in these situations! I know that deviating from your DPS rotation will make your numbers suffer, but would you rather have a wipe and be top DPS, or a dead boss and be 2nd or 3rd on the meters?

Demoralizing Shout
The most important of the 4 abilities in this list. This can be used in any stance, costs only 8 rage and lasts 30 seconds (45 if you are specced into Booming Voice). This ability should be up on any boss fight that is giving your raid trouble. It's true that keeping this ability up is your tank's responsibility, but if you notice the debuff falls off, it's your responsibility to keep it going.

Sunder Armor
This ability has been around since the beginning, and was the protection warrior's best way to generate threat. That ability is now devastate. So why is this talent even in the game?
It is here for you, the DPS warrior. Is your main tank not a warrior? Guess what. you're job is to keep sunders up on the boss. With 5 stacks, it removes 20% of the boss' armor. This is a ton of armor. Anyone doing physical damage to the target will get a huge DPS boost, even you! Slowly build stacks when your main attacks are on cooldown.
When not to use this ability: If the boss goes through phases where he is untargetable. Specifically Anub'arak or Beasts of Northrend. Your hard earned stack of 5 sunders will roll off while you are running from Anub's spikes of death!

Thunder Clap
This ability is more directed towards the Arms warriors, since it is not usable in berserker stance. It slows the attack speed of anything in range by 10%. That's 10% less damage the main tank is taking because you clicked one button. Now many times you may use Thunder Clap and realize nothing happened. The Main tank is doing it or an equivalent ability already. If your tank is getting rocked, keep this up, or yell at him to keep it up.
Where this abiltiy rocks: In the new Onyxia encounter, when the dragon takes off into the air to begin phase 2, about 50 whelps come storming out from the caves on either side, and at the same time about 7-10 of your raiders will get disconnected. Jump into that pile of whelps and drop one of these thundery blasts (and a demo shout for good measure). Your screen will be absolutely filled with numbers. Its probably the best way to DPS these adds down as a warrior.

Shattering Throw
Another ability that is more arms warrior oriented. While a bit costly on rage, the buff it provides to your raid is huge. Instantly 20% of a boss' armor is gone for 10 seconds. Now 10 seconds does not seem like a lot, but when timing is an issue (Think XT's heart phase, or when Razorscale is pulled down) this ability shines. If your group is having trouble doing enough DPS during certain phases where any damage done to a boss is multiplied (Icehowl when he is stunned on the wall), this is the perfect time to use shattering throw.

In closing, these abilities will hamper your DPS slightly, and improve your raid's DPS significantly. Bite the bullet, be a team player and use them. It's your job as a DPS warrior.

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