Friday, January 15, 2010

Pre-Raid Gearing Guide

I put together this guide to help out new warriors looking to gear up as quick as possible to start raiding. All of these pieces can be obtained from 5-man heroics and triumph badges.
I recommend getting your 4-piece Tier 9 set bonus, regardless if your a Fury or Arms warrior. At minimum the 2 set bonus. Just make sure you have at least 8% hit and 5-6.5% Expertise.

Slot Piece Name Source
HeadHellscream's Helmet of Conquest50 Emblems of Triumph
Skeleton Lord's CraniumScourgelord Tyrannus - Pit of Saron (Normal)
NeckBarbed Ymirheim ChokerForgemaster Garfrost - Pit of Saron (Heroic)
Hellscream's Shoulderplates of Conquest30 Emblems of Triumph
Pauldrons of the DevourerDevourer of Souls - Forge of Souls (Heroic)
capeAccursed Crawling CapeDevourer of Souls - Forge of Souls (Normal)
chestHellscream's Battleplate of Conquest50 Emblems of Triumph
Frost Wyrm RibcageScourgelord Tyrannus - Pit of Saron (Heroic)
WristMalykriss VambracesForgemaster Garfrost - Pit of Saron (Heroic)
Weeping GauntletsBronjahm - Forge of Souls (Heroic)
Hellscream's Gauntlets of Conquest30 Emblems of Triumph
waistBent Gold BeltIck - Pit of Saron (Normal)
LegsHellscream's Legplates of Conquest50 Emblems of Triumph
Minister's Number One LegplatesBronjahm - Forge of Souls (Normal)
feetGrinning Skull BootsLich King - Halls of Reflection (Heroic)
RingBand of Stained SoulsScourgelord Tyrannus - Pit of Saron (Heroic)
The Lady's PromiseLich King - Halls of Reflection (Heroic)
Dexterous Brightstone Ring35 Emblems of Triumph
Bloodshed Band35 Emblems of Triumph
TrinketNeedle-Encrusted ScorpionDevourer of Souls - Forge of Souls (Heroic)
Mark of Supremacy50 Emblems of Triumph
WeaponTyrannical BeheaderScourgelord Tyrannus - Pit of Saron (Heroic)
Orca-Hunter's HarpoonMarwyn - Halls of Reflection (Heroic)
Papa's Brand New KnifeBronjahm - Forge of Souls (Heroic)
Felglacier BolterIck - Pit of Saron (Heroic)
Crimson Star25 Emblems of Triumph


  1. This is a fantastic list of gear, and where to get it. I'm planning on getting my warrior out again soon and dusting him off, this is a nice reference. Thanks for putting it together.

  2. Tyrannical Beheder has been evading me. I hope to get 2 of em

  3. blackthought form here, LOVE the site man,excellent list of gear, I will definately be linking to this page .