Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog Necromancy! Focused Warrior Lives again!

Fear not! I have not turned into the undead! Besides, their racials suck. I have succumbed to the addiction that is WoW once again. The world of Azeroth will incur my wrath and general foolishness once more. Zarrick, my old orc warrior, was given to a good friend, and has since been renamed. I left a large amount of cool gear and achievements dating back to the beginnings of Warcraft. Alas, I have picked up the class of the warrior once again, and thanks to the Recruit a Friend system, am enjoying the endgame content as Narragansett, Tauren protection warrior.

Fist weapons are in this expansion.

Yes it is true; I have switched my main spec to Protection. I have alternated between DPS and tank specs every expansion. And since I missed Cataclysm all together, Tank spec is now my main focus. I feel it is the most challenging and exciting raid position. No rotations, no bar clicking. Just straight overall raid management, all while a gaint raid boss attempting to crush you into a pulp.

I am also changing the focus of the blog from Raiding DPS warrior to a larger warrior experience all together. Some personal experiences, raiding, transmogging, soloing old content; pretty much the WoW world as I see it. So check back in from time to time. My next post will be a list! Loktar my friends.

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